Pressure Test

Why do I need a pressure test (sometimes called integrity test)?

The chimnery has not been used by yourself, just reopend, or not used for three years or more.

A party wall agreemnet 

 A neighbour is having building works done.

Change of use, ie gas to solid fuel or vice-versa. This is a necessarry requirment.

What does it involve?

The sweep will clean the chimney.

This removes any build ups covering cracks and breaches, also it is necessary to messure the flue.

The machine is then setup to the internal specifications of your flue.

The result is printed out on site and signed by the sweep.

Total peace of mind.


Recognised by councils, gas safe, HETAS and stove fitters.

Advantages of pressure testing your chimney:

  • Eliminates human error.
  • The flue/chimney is sealed internally, meaning no roof access is required.
  • As above, it saves on the cost of scaffolding on hard to access roofs. No access is required to adjoining properties. 
  • The customer recives a print out of the result signed by the sweep. This is a record for insurance etc.