Certificate of Smoke Testing

Smoke testing:

clean chimney as per chimney sweeping (service 1)

Seal the top of your chimney. put smoke  pellet in your fireplace opening. Seal the opening of the fireplace. Check upstairs to the fireplace and downstairs if applicable. Attic. Do the same in any neighbour sharing a party wall to the fireplace in question. 

Issue a NACs certificate of smoke testing. 



The purpose of carrying out smoke testing is to check that flue gasses will rise freely through the flue and to identify whether there are any faults. Such as incorrectly sealed joints, deterioration or damage that would cause leakage of the flue. Gases /fumes to escape into the dwelling. Defective or leaking flues will need repair/ relining  and will need re-testing. 

These are carried out in accordance with current building regulations and appropriate European and British standards