Chimney Sweeping Services

Chimney cleaning :  We seal your fireplace opening. Clean your chimney using brush and rods. An industrial ,hepa filtered vacuum, collects the soot etc. After sweeping we put a smoke pellet in the opening to check the draw of the chimney. We then issue a NACs / Hetas certificate.  No mess, no fuss!    Why?   Chimney fire, caused by a build up of soot, or resin from burning wood, logs etc. Carbon monoxide, if your chimney blocks or is not drawing properly you are at risk of poisonous fumes from burning: coal wood gas oil
Smoke testing: clean chimney as per chimney sweeping (service 1) Seal the top of your chimney. put smoke  pellet in your fireplace opening. Seal the opening of the fireplace. Check upstairs to the fireplace and downstairs if applicable. Attic. Do the same in any neighbour sharing a party wall to the fireplace in question.  Issue a NACs certificate of smoke testing.    Why?  The purpose of carrying out smoke testing is to check that flue gasses will rise freely through the flue and to identify whether there are any faults. Such as incorrectly sealed joints, deterioration or damage that would…
Sometimes it is necessary to line your flue. If your chimney leaks or has deteriorated .some appliances cannot be fitted without a liner.  There are various types and width size of liner depending on your fire of choice. Gas, solid fuel ,oil. Please ask for details. 
Chimney pots removed. Chimney pots fitted.  Cowls removed. Cowls fitted.    Why?  Some pots are not suitable for the appliance. Exactly the same with cowls. There are a wide range of cowls available to suit your appliance. Please ask your sweep for advice when cleaning your chimney. 
We are hetas approved chimney sweeps We are NACs registered chimney sweeps  Josh is a hetas approved fifitter    why? hetas are the official body recognised by government to approve biomass and solid fuel domestic appliances, fuels and services including the registration of competent installers and servicing business's     installer: registered installers are trained and approved to UKAS  standards and can self certify that their work complies with the relevant building regulations    training: HETAS is the leading training provider for solid wood, and biomass offering comprehensive courses for installers,chimney sweeps, retailers. Local authorities ,building control and those involved…
cctv inspections carried out   we put a cctv camera into your chimney to inspect your flue you see the film on our unit and can keep a copy   Why ? unspecified blockage whilst sweeping your chimney.  Prior to lining your chimney , to check that no pipes etc running through your flue from  an upstairs property/room . £75 
Wood burners /stoves fitted.  hetas registered stove installers