History of H Firkins & Sons Ltd serving London since 1860



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Once upon a time.... 

1860(to be precise) 

There once lived young boy called Harry, Harry lived with his family in a little hamlet called Crouch End, in London. Harry's family were very poor and after a particularly hard winter, were quite desperate. Fortunately for them there were no laws that governed the use of small children working. So the family sent young harry out into the cold so he could secure himself a nice little earner. Whilst his father spent the the last of his pennies on ale at the Firkin pub on the corner, and so Harry set off. He walked all through night the cobbles sparkling with frost under his feat, the gas lights spluttering and hissing and the sound of London by night echoing through near empty streets.

Get the picture? Good.

After a few hours Harry was near to exhaustion and he was beginning to dream of food and warmth and knew he could walk no further. He found a sheltered doorway in a quiet alley and curled up in a corner and began to fall asleep. In his dreams a fairy god mother came to him and granted his every wish. The godmother was dressing him in the finest silks and he was putting on boots of the finest soft leather, but they were far too tight. In fact they were so tight they were really hurting. Harry woke with a start to see the dirtiest, meanest looking creature pulling him by the toes out of the doorway, his skin was blackened and had white grooves. His teeth were yellow and stumpy, his fingers were long and bony and he smelt vile. He said “ha ha what do we ave' ere' then, round ere' you pay for a night in such comfort.” “Get in the ouse', you are now in my employ” And so Harry entered the chimney sweeps house...

The very next day after a breakfast of gruel and water Harry went to work with his new employer Mr Meanman to learn his new trade. All day he swept and cleaned and so time went on, as it inevitably does. Sometimes they went to the country where the chimneys were colossal and Mr Meanman would coax young Harry up them with the toe of his Dr. Martens steel toe caps, and then light a fire for good measure!

And so young Harry grew to love this kind and wonderful man. So he was devastated when he awoke one morning to find Mr Meanman had choked to death on his own vomit. The silly man did drink to excess. But harry was delighted, as he now owned (after changing some papers) a thriving chimney sweeps business.

Harry grew into a wonderful man, who could be seen on the streets of London with his hand cart full of brushes. Children would follow this lucky sweep and he would throw them pennies, feed the poor and cure the sick. He met and married the most beautiful women in the world as he deserved and they had many children who were all wonderfully behaved. On his deathbed, he bequeathed this business to his sons and thereafter their sons, sons and sons, sons, sons. Daughters were not mentioned as this was before equality. Anyway, this was the beginning of a prosperous and thriving business.

Young Harry would not recognise London today. He would be surprised that chimney brushes can be made of nylon. That industrial vacuums take the place of dustpan and brush and that vans are used instead of handcarts and bicycles. That women wear mini skirts and some men do to!

But because the current owner of H. Firkins & Sons Chimney Sweeps is Graham Firkins the great, great, great, great ect. grandson of old Harry (That is what the 'H' stands for) he would not be surprised that the business thrives because of old fashioned values. Graham is a very nice man, and because this chimney sweeping business puts the customer first and promotes honesty, reliability, and the knowledge that has been passed on through many generations of Firkins'. We are members of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps and are HETAS approved. Graham Firkins has a son, Josh who is 25 and has been a chimney sweep for over 10 years (We start em' young). Josh also has a 1 year old Son called Henry and so it continues...

Here's to the next 155 years. Cheers Harry.