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Company registered address:
232 Kinetic Business Centre
Theobald street

Ltd registration number: 8647267

H Firkins and sons Ltd chimney sweeps were established in Crouch End, London N8 in 1860.

The business was started by Harry Firkins, who employed his sons. The only equipment he carried were chimney brushes, cane rods and sheets. These were transported on his hand cart. He covered a lot of miles.

Traditionally he alerted people as he walked the streets by shouting 'sweep,sweep'. When he hung up his chimney brushes on his retirement, his sons took over the business. families, being more prolific, than today, there were a lot of Firkins walking the streets of London! The business thrived and was always passed from father to son.

Cyril Firkins, Graham's father, had brothers who were all sweeps. As there lives changed with marriages, children etc. they gradually left London. Leaving in sole charge of Firkins chimney sweeps, Cyril. Cyril retired in 1997. This leaves Graham Firkins at the helm. Graham has a son Josh, who has been sweeping chimneys since 2004. Now josh has a son, Henry born in 2012.